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If your organization is currently using Android Device admin it will be required that your company move to a new device management setup named Android Enterprise.

  • Intune will only be able to provide full support for device administrator-managed Android devices running Android 10 and later through Q2 CY2020. Device administrator-managed devices that are running Android 10 or later after this time will not be able to be entirely managed. In particular, impacted devices will not receive new password requirements.
  • Samsung Knox devices will not be impacted in this timeframe because extended support is provided through Intune’s integration with the Knox platform. This gives you more time to plan the transition off device admin management.   
  • Device administrator-managed Android devices that remain on Android versions below Android 10 will not be impacted and can continue to be entirely managed with device administrator.

A work profile separates the work data on your device from the personal data. Your organization will manage the work profiles, which consists of only school or work-related files and data for each employee. Your organization will not see or manage the personal data on your device.

Altitude 365 will help you create a configuration for Android Enterprise so you can easily move from Device Admin to Android Enterprise. Together with the customer we can create a rollout plan with step-by-step guides and user support to successfully move over to Android Enterprise.

We will help you plan and configure the transition from Device Admin to Android Enterprise. Eight hours will be necessary to create the pre-requisites to migrate from Device Admin to Android Enterprise, with an additional eight hours for user step-by-step guide and support within the IT organization during the transition.


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