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Keep and attract employees through a well thought out and first-class digital working environment. Create possibilities for a sustainable and effective hybrid work life.

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Create a organisation who is ready for change.
















The Pandemic showed us that we both already had the technology and the ability to work digitally. It had been there all along. So how come we didn’t manage until we were forced? We believe that there is a big possibility for many of these organizations that will now take a step back and loose valuable insights and gains from this unique growth curve.

A common cause for “walk on the same spot” in a business development process is that the components and the change management leads are lacking already from the start and in many cases still are. Even if we are equipped with the right technology, the people have to want the change, be able and get the opportunity for its possibilities. Most importantly of all, the leaders must understand it’s and theirs potential.

Do you have the most attractive employees offer in town? And if not, it’s time to think again. Todays and tomorrow’s stars will be seeking the employer who has the modern and digital for their needs.

How do we start?

Hybrid Work


Lectures and workshops


A lecture to understand the new working life, combined with a workshop to set the framework for one's own work


More consensus around concepts and consequences. Conditions for more initiated dialogue in the continued work.

Change management for digital workways with ambassadors


Support organisations to manage evergreen technology themselves


Change Management 


Increased knowledge and commitment to work smart digitally. Knowledge and structures to continue driving development

Livscycle / Subscription Services


Support efforts to get greater impact from Microsoft 365 services


Structured meetings with key stakeholders and ongoing advice


Analyse, decide and follow up the developed change plan

Read more about User Adoption Lifecycle Mgmt

Leva eller överleva digitalt •

På Exobe hjälper vi er att ta nästa steg mot moderna digitala verktyg & arbetssätt. Vi följer med på er resa mot ett tryggare och skönare arbetsliv. Fyll i formuläret nedan så svarar vi så fort vi kan.


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