Hybrid Meetings and Teams Rooms Workshop

Flexibility and hybrid work creates the new post pandemic workplace

The new hybrid way of working together remote can me difficult and not all that simple to combine with the traditional workplace, or at least of how it used to be pre pandemic. Hybrid meetings have increased after the new increase of need and expectations which require new ways of collaborating.

This new modern way of work continues to develop, and organisations need to adjust the flexibility for their remote workers. To succeed the organisations must focus on three things: create and apply guidelines, adjust the physical spaces and to use the right technology to create a more modern meeting experience with Teams and Microsoft Teams rooms
















Hybrid work challenge the traditional workplace with new ways of meeting and collaborating.

Hybrid meeting are building on the new wave of digital transformation and with the power of the cloud that forces, coordinates, and collaborates new ways of work that all builds a modern workplace that can be as flexible as possible – one that makes both happier people and more fun projects.


Collect information about meeting environment, room, spaces and needs. 

New Possibilities

What possibilities with Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meeting experiences do we have today?

To do's

Create strategies and a plan for Microsoft Teams Room for modern hybrid meetings.

What to expect?

  • An evaluation about needs for meetings, spaces and meeting possibilities
  • An in depth review and talk about the Hybrid- & Teams Room experience

  • Guidance of how your organisation can transform for a Microsoft Teams room and hybrid meetings

  • Recommendations to secure that your organisation can meet and share information in a both work- & hybrid meeting environment 

Workshop time: 5 - 7 hours

3 ways to meet new hybrid expectations with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 | Microsoft 365 Blog


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