Compliance & Regulation Lifecycle Mgmt

Does your business believe that following guidebooks for IT-cloud services and GDPR is difficult? You are not alone! To ease your work, Exobe AB have created an effective management service to address the combination of law and technology for IT-Cloud- and Compliance services.
















Managing compliance with IT cloud services and data protection management is complex and time consuming.  In addition, the legal and commercial requirements for data protection management are also becoming more extensive. Today, companies must be able to demonstrate compliance with regulations continuously and we meet companies daily that express the desire to improve and streamline their work with data security. With the Compliance & Regulation Lifecycle Management subscription, we help companies with their lifecycle management and data security.

Data protection strategy, data protection policy, training, information is all included as well as information and technical advice on Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager.

Compliance & Regulation Lifecycle Management is a subscription service that continuously supports companies based on three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. The service is a collaboration by Cirio Advokatbyrå AB and Exobe AB, two specialist companies within law, technology and data security.

In the 2021 edition of Board of Directors Servey, boards ranked compliance as the greatest risk for business



What to expect?

You will meet with Exobe’s and Cirio Advokatbyrå legal and technology specialists regularly and with the subscriptions you will also get:

  • Project management & an annual activity plan for your compliance work
  • Ongoing legal advice which supports your compliance work and includes data protection strategy, data protection policy, processes, information, education and communication.
  • Ongoing technical advice and documentation about data protection management and compliance issues in Microsoft-365 Compliance Manager and Purview.
  • Ongoing external monitoring that covers news and updates in Microsoft 365 as well as legal regulatory changes within for instance GDPR, Schrems II.
  • Your own data protection management and compliance roadmap for internally improved processes.

Exobe delivers the Compliance & Regulation Lifecyle Management subscription for a monthly cost.

Price: From 40.900 sek per month.

Compliance & Regulation Lifecycle Mgmt •

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