Exobe is a merge of Altitude 365 and Uclarity. Starting out as two companies full of cloud specialist and Unified Communication we decided that 1 + 1 = 3 and then Exobe was born. Born to follow you, our customers throughout the whole journey. Physically you can find us in our offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Örebro and Malmö – Although, the limit of our digital work, where or who we work for, does not exist.

Working at Exobe


Microsoft MVP:'s


Costumers we have guided towards a better way of work


Specialists who is eager to help

What we do

We take the lead. We are the ones that maps out and are navigating in this new IT landscape, who prospect so that others can know where to dig for gold. We are the ones that are engaging in new tech, innovations and the people who are working with them. We take the lead to discover new possibilities to then return and guide everyone else to new thrilling territory. We are holding up the doors for you. Understanding the new digital technologies and the ever-changing way of work we balance out scenarios to become a better partner. Someone our customers find trust and confidence in. When we manage that we can be the experts, mentors and partners and accomplish anything you are looking for.
We are leading edge •

Who we are

We are a collection of driven individuals who thinks finding solutions where people & technology can work together is the shit! Some of us are extremely dedicated (read nerdy) and some of us are more on the calm side, and the best thing is, no one is like any other. We like to build proper relationship with you as clients and partners. That is what we believe is the best ingredients for success.

We believe in the possibilities for the future, for the ones who adapts technology, data and how to use it in an ethical way. All to make sure that everybody gets access to right knowledge despite sex or origin. We also want to support the environment and to let out as little impact on earth as possible. This view we share together with Microsoft and work actively in their Partner Pledge program. With that same view, we are joining Tech Sweden's basic ethical principles for how employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders are treated in legal fairs and other ethical acceptable manners.

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Our Name

[Born In the cloud] What is above the clouds? That is where we started in our process. Curiosity and the thirst for knowledge is what has fueled us this far – further than anybody before – in the outer spere [leading edge]. We are specialist advisers with costumers that dares to get inspired while we build a security, trust, and credibility to be your reliable companion during your own journey.

The exosphere makes the outer layer of our sphere, that gradually fades out to outer space and the rest of the universe. There you can measure the energy, visualized in eccentric colors. The same colors you find in a thermal imager. To determent the living and the human touch [The Human Being]. The combination of the exploring and techy [Exo] together with the ever changing soft [Be]. That is where we landed. That is where Exobe was born.

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